Horse Racing Bet365

The Bet365 app and website has bets on horse racing, which is a rarity at other bookmakers, but there’s a range of the best races in the most attractive markets.

Generally speaking, horse racing could be considered the birthplace of the betting phenomenon. A long time ago, the most enterprising gentlemen at the English racecourses began taking bets on which horse would come first, given the affluent public’s huge appetite for horse racing. Of course, it looked different then than it does now, but the foundations were laid for the future.


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Feel like a gentleman from the English countryside, managing to make it to London or Birmingham with a few quid in his pocket.

bet365 horse racing betting

So, he picks up the slip, chooses a stallion without looking, and the next two minutes are filled with monstrous doses of adrenaline. As a result, his horse comes first and his life will never be the same again. But now you don’t have to go anywhere – just go to Bet365 and the best racetracks in the world are at arm’s length.

How to Bet on Horse Racing

First of all, log on to the Bet365 website or Bet365 app.

Then go to the sports section and then, in the menu on the right, search for Horse Racing.

A list of current races or upcoming races will appear in front of you. I would like to point out that both in line and in live Bet365 has a very handy unfolding of races where you immediately see the full line-up of running horses, their names and odds.

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Since Bet365 broadcasts races from all over the world, even in live there are plenty of options for betting, which of course is a big plus.

Decide which mode you want to bet on and then choose your lucky horsie. You can also add your favourite horses to your favourites to have quick access to the races they are involved in.

In order to be successful in live betting and simply betting in Bet365 horse racing, you need to analyse the line-up of races. You don’t necessarily need to know the style and strength of every horse in a race. It is enough to choose a few horses and study them thoroughly and then select races with them.

The strength of the other competitors must be judged on the basis of their most recent starts. Without prior analysis, betting on races will again turn into a regular roulette.

Once you get good friends with your horses, so to speak, and they’ll be profitable for you, you can create a stable at Bet365, where you can keep your horses and have access to them quickly, so you won’t miss out on the races they participate in.

There are a few useful tips.

  • Don’t bet on all the races in a row. That’ a sure way to go into trouble.
  • Don’t try to win back by betting higher and higher in the hope that you’ll win in the end. You’ll end up in more debt even sooner.
  • Never gamble more than you can afford to lose.
  • Never bet on a horse just for the fact that you have already bet on it and it failed.
  • Always search for better odds. Confide in yourself and seek gains.
  • Always remember: the best prognosticator is the race map. It has all the information you need to make the right choice.

Follow these important but obvious truths and you will always keep your balance within acceptable limits and remember that races are sometimes too unpredictable.

bonus bet365 horse racing

The fitness of the horse is key. That is, the places it has won in previous races. The more places, the better for us. But in addition to places, you need to take into account the level of these races. The races themselves are of different types: beginners, meydans and so on. It is important here, that if a horse gets good places in beginner classes, it is not a guarantee that it will be good in the Meydan races. You should rather look at the speed of the course, although this is not the key, as horses may not show good speed over the course of the race, only a finishing spurt, depending on the progress of the race. It depends on the particular race.

Distance is no less crucial. What is really vital is that your horse has already run these distances in a heat. If you see that it is a horse that focuses on other distances, as is rarely the case, you should ask yourself: does it really make sense to take it on?

Digits under the jockey’s outfit mean the days since the last time the horse ran. It’ a very delicate point.  Yes, horses get fatigued too and need to have a rest.

What types of bets are available

It’s time to talk about what kind of bets you can place on horse racing. Forget about totals and handicaps – it’s a completely different world with its own rules and laws and it takes some getting used to.

So, what bets are readily available at Bet365:

  • Betting on a winner

This is a pretty straightforward one. It’s a normal bet on the winner of the race. You choose a horse, and if it makes it first, you are the winner. You can also pick a horse and bet the opposite, that is, if it doesn’t finish first, you win.

  • Betting on more than one horses

Guessing the winner of a race is certainly difficult, and in order to increase your probability of winning, Bet365 offers a bet on the top three winners. That is, the selected horse has to be in the top three at the end of the race.

The number of prizes can vary from race to race, as well. And if there are more than three and the horse is included in the money pool, such a bet is called Place.

  • Betting on winners in the correct order

Yet a further betting alternative at Bet365 horse racing is Forecast. This requires guesswork as to which horses come first and second in the competition. Option bets can vary, giving the player the chance to bet on random rather than on the specific places that the horses will take.

  • Who is above

In this bet the player chooses the higher horse out of any two horses. That is, the player watches the contest between the two horses throughout the race.

Terms and conditions for Horse Racing bets

You are not only allowed to be involved in Bet365 horse racing betting, but also provided with quality live video streaming of the most significant events on the website and app.

The minimum and maximum bet amount will vary from race to race, but more often than not all you need is 50 cents or the equivalent in the other currency you choose to play. The maximum bet is again determined by the event, but rest assured that the world-renowned bookmaker can afford to offer bets for the most respectable gentlemen.

Horse Racing Betting Bonus

Bet365 doesn’t have such bonuses in the traditional definition, but the it does its utmost to ensure that your stay here is as comfortable and profitable as possible. As an incentive for players, Bet365 offers improved betting conditions on the sport.

For example, when a horse is eliminated from a race at Bet365 horse racing odds between 10/1 and 14/1, bookmakers usually deduct 5p from every pound won. Bet365 has abolished the first such deduction in any race.

All bets on win or win/place will be refunded if your horse is not in the race. You will therefore receive a full return of your stake.

FAQ for the Bet365 Horse Racing

How to place a Horse Racing bet at Bet365?

To do this, go to the Bet365 website or app and from the menu on the right, find Bet365 horse racing and then select either before the even or in live mode.

Why is horse racing betting so popular?

Perhaps the point is that horse racing gave the start to bookmaking and it is a kind of inertia and tribute. On the other hand, it is a very spectacular sport where everything depends on just two living beings - the jockey and his stallion.

How much can I win with horse betting?

At the distance, your income is not limited, but on some races the bookmaker may set limits on maximum bets.