Live Casino Bet365

The live casino Bet365 can only be played for money. Different types of roulette, poker, blackjack and other popular gambling games are available here. Tables with different betting limits are available, and dealers speak many languages.

If your internet connection is interrupted while you are playing with the live dealer, please reconnect and log in to your account again. For Casino Hold’em and Live Blackjack betting: You will be automatically redirected to offline play, allowing you to complete your round.


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Cards displayed in Live at the time you lose your connection will be transferred to the offline game mode. However, dealer cards, regardless of whether or not they were visible at the time the connection was lost, will not be transferred to the offline round. In your Live Blackjack history, you will see both the dealer’s Live cards and the dealer’s hand from the resumed offline game. Your hand will be settled based on the dealer’s offline results. Side bets placed before you lose your connection will be settled based on the live dealer’s results.

Loss of Connection and Passive Betting: If the player at the table loses connection, your play will be rerouted to offline mode and you will have to play as the player at the table, making all decisions yourself.

Popular Bet365 Games

The Bet365 live casino not only lets you enjoy a game of poker or a roulette wheel from anywhere in the world, it also gives you an authentic gambling ambience. Visitors can instantly be transported to a virtual room virtually indistinguishable from the gambling houses of Las Vegas.

Live dealer tables have come a long way before they took on a modern look and came to their current variety. In the beginning, only roulette, poker and blackjack were available to users. Later on, they were joined by baccarat, craps, bingo, lotteries, wheels of Fortune and more.

Bet365 casino has the full range of live games imaginable, including TV games returning to its former popularity, where you have to guess on the number section where the wheel will stop and many others.

A special mention should be made of cards. Card games are one of the most famous and iconic pastimes in the world of gambling. Their history is confusing and obscure – some call China the birthplace of card games, others Egypt. Either way, in the Middle Ages, cards quickly spread throughout Europe and won the love of merchants and nobles. Though gambling was persecuted by the Church, it never lost its popularity. They are popular now: You no longer need to search for a land-based gambling house to test your skills and luck – just go to Bet365 to find dozens of types of poker, baccarat and blackjack.

Baccarat Bet365

The game is essentially a simple one. It refers to banker’s games, that is, games where the bank of all players is played. It is basically a game of chance. Therefore, Lady Luck, as in poker or blackjack, plays a leading role here. This game at live casino Bet365 has more than 10 variants, each with its own special features. A dynamic version of baccarat is available, the Speed Baccarat, where the rounds last 27 seconds instead of 48 seconds. Regardless of the version, the rules remain the same in live baccarat.

Roulette Bet365

Roulette is one of the best-known casino classics. Naturally, it is not the least of these online as well. The peculiarity of roulette with a live dealer on the Internet is that an infinite number of players can take part in the game simultaneously. A lot of the gameplay is based on the dealer’s personal interaction with the player: greetings, congratulations on your winnings and so on, which adds to the atmosphere of realism, and also creates a feeling of full presence at the gaming table. There are over 20 different varieties of Bet365 roulette available at here in real time mode.


Live blackjack in the live casino Bet365 mobile app is a card game with a live dealer, in which you must collect a combination of cards with the highest total points to win back your bet. There are over 30 online casino tables with identical rules, but differences in interface and betting limits. Among them there are VIP tables with minimum bets from 100, 200 and even 1000 euros.

In the live version, the traditional blackjack rules apply. There are 8 decks of 52 cards, each with a different point value. In all forms of online blackjack, the best combination, valued at 21 points, consists of an Ace and a 10 or picture card. No overcards are allowed to exceed 21 points, as this is considered an automatic loss. In a live table game, the game starts with the real dealer dealing 2 cards to himself and all contestants. Once dealt, he reveals one of his cards. Clockwise the players pick up additional cards from the deck. At the end of the game the dealer reveals the second card and the game is concluded.

Payment Methods

Everyone who wishes to play at live casino Bet365 must have a certain amount of money to do so, hence the need to fund your own account. The only thing you need to do is to go to the appropriate section and choose the deposit option that suits you. Bet365 supports all the same methods as the desktop version of the site. When it comes to withdrawing money won here, the procedure is generally very similar. Many people are interested in how long it takes to withdraw money from their account. Here much depends on the withdrawal method chosen. If the money is withdrawn via electronic wallets, it is almost instantaneous, but in the case of bank cards you often have to wait for a few days after the withdrawal request has been made.

Look at the table below for more details. All amounts are in rupees.

Payment Method Time Min Max Details
UPI Immediate 500 70 000 Bank Transfer
INB Immediate 500 70 000 Bank Transfer
AstroPay Immediate 500 350 000 Virtual Prepaid Card
EcoPayz Immediate 500 1 000 000 e-Wallet
VISA debit Immediate 400 2 000 000 Debit Card
VISA Immediate 400 2 000 000 Credit Card
Wire Transfer 2-10 banking days 10 000 6 000 000 Bank Transfer

FAQ for the Bet365 Live Casino

What are the popular games at Bet365 Live Casino?

At last count, the most popular games are card games and roulette.

How to choose game category as a new player?

Sign up, then go to live casino Bet365, where you will be presented with tens of games to pick from. Select the one you like, but watch out for betting ranges.

How much can I win at Live Casino?

You can earn as much as you want. In reality, however, it most often turns out to be as much as you can. If your financial situation allows, take a seat at the VIP tables, where bets per hand can be as high as 1,000 dollars.